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The Story Behind the Puppet

Brayden is the grandson of a couple who were my neighbors. His grandmother told me he was interested in learning to be a ventriloquist and asked if I would help him

make a puppet. She knew I had done sculptures, carvings and bowls.  Brayden practiced with a friend's puppet and then at home with socks and stuffed toys. He and his

grandmother, Shirley, came over to discuss it and I ask Brayden what the puppet should look like. He told me, when he throws his voice it sounds like an old man, so thats

what he wants the puppet to be. I ask if he wanted the puppet to have a graybeard and mustache? “No I want him to look like you”, he said. So that is what I am trying to


Shirley said it is difficult for him to think up the material for the script, so that got me to thinking about some friends of mine - the Conleys. This would be right down their

alley because he is a story teller and she teaches Special Ed. They will be eager to work with Brayden when he is ready. Not only will he have help with ideas and script

but it will be taken from real life and have good subject matter.

After I knew about Brayden and the puppet, I had a throat problem and my voice was gone for about a month. I couldn’t help but think here is a story about a young man

learning to be a ventriloquist, a puppet, and an old wood carver with no voice. I told Dan Conley about it and the wheels were turning before I could get the words out, so

maybe that will be a story for Brayden to tell someday.